Cluster PCs

Cluster rooms

‌There are over 3000 cluster PCs across campus. You can locate a PC and check the availability via the "Find a PC" on our University App.  All PCs feature a wide range of software and some have additional specialist Software (e.g. CAD programs)

Five of our clusters have 24 hour access:

  • Old Library Cluster 1.57
  • Fell cluster MG 005, Cookson Building
  • Students Union, Level 2
  • NUSU Central, King's Road Centre
  • Philip Robinson Library (term time)

Others have late opening (Walton Library and Marjorie Robinson Library Rooms)

Please note that strict conditions apply to out-of-hours usage of our cluster rooms.

We proactively monitor cluster PCs and printers across campus each day and regularly visit the rooms to replenish printer consumables and repair PCs.  You can report problems with any of our cluster room equipment to us in person, at our IT Service Desks, via self-service, telephone or email.  See our contact details page for full details.

Lost property in our staffed cluster rooms

If the item is a memory stick, or external hard drive please come to the IT service desk in the cluster that you left the item in. We will usually try and identify who the owner of a USB storage device is and email them to collect the device.  Uncollected USB storage devices will be retained for a period of 3 months before being formatted and disposed of.

In our Old Library cluster – we keep general lost property (pencil cases, clothing, spectacles etc..) in the venue. Important documentation such as bank cards, passport, drivers licence, phones etc… will be handed to the University Security Office (located on Barras Bridge).  University smartcards will be returned to the Smartcard Returns, Philip Robinson Library.

In our Philip Robinson Library and Marjorie Robinson Library Rooms cluster – all other lost property will be handed to the library reception desk in the venue.

Help keep our cluster rooms secure, safe and tidy

Food may not be consumed in Cluster Rooms except in specifically signed locations. The only drinks permitted are sealed drinks.

Ensure all waste is removed or disposed of in the bins provided and your work area is tidied before leaving.

Do not reserve a computer by leaving coats belongings etc., to indicate that it is in use. You may be logged out without warning and your belongings removed for security reasons.

Abide by the 24 Hour Computer Cluster User agreement