Mac OS X

Staff computers can be connected directly to the campus network but must be kept updated with the latest security patches. Directly connected computers must be registered by your schools computing officer and since they don't use authentication, must be located in a secure area.

Registration Details

You need to ask one of your schools computing officers to register your computer for you.

As part of the registration process we need to know your computers MAC address, also known as the physical address or hardware address and looks something like 00:13:77:f4:3d:42

Configure a network connection

Connect 1
  • From the AirPort menu select Open Network Preferences...
Connect 2
  • Select Ethernet in the sidebar
  • Set Configure to Using DHCP
  • Click the Advanced... button
Connect 3
  • Select the Ethernet tab
  • The MAC address in this example is 00:0d:93:b6:91:6c

 Connect 4


Make a Network Connection

Once registered, plug in your computer and you will be assigned an IP address automatically.

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