New & Replacement Cards

Obtaining New, Guest or Replacement Lost & Stolen Smartcards

New Smartcards can be obtained from the Philip Robinson Library , Walton Library (Medical School) or Kingsgate Level 2, Student Services (student cards only) at any time during "Full Desk Service" hours.

Guest Cards on request via IT Service Desk

Cards will only be replaced free of charge if:

  1. the status of the owner has changed
  2. the card chip becomes inoperable, but not due to negligence of the owner
  3. a police crime note can be produced to indicate the card was lost due to a reported theft

Alternatively, the fee payable will be £10.

Please treat your card as you would a credit card, and bear in mind its value.

If you find a Smartcard please hand it into The Philip Robinson Library or return to the following address:

Smart Card Returns
Philip Robinson Library
Newcastle upon Tyne

To report your card lost or stolen, please phone: +44 (0)191 208 6060


Please refer to smartcard access into buildings and rooms for information on what to do to ensure your replacement card continues to give you access around campus.





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