Remote PC Build Service

Service Description

This service provides a facility for automated operating system installations for University-owned devices, currently limited to PCs, laptops and servers.


  • Automated network installation of Windows operating systems.
  • Automated device driver support for a wide-range of devices.
  • Training in use of WDS for University IT staff.


University IT Staff

Service Hours

24 x 7 x 365

Windows Update is scheduled to run on the WDS servers at the following times sometimes requiring server reboot:

Server called Jewson – 00:00 hours on Wednesday

Server called Dickens – 00:00 hours on Thursday

Level of Service

Service is supported by multiple identical servers.

Support and Documentation

End user documentation and support: (Restricted to University IT staff)

Initial overview of Windows Build Service is available for all new Computing Officers as part of OU Admin training, offered by Infrastructure Systems team.

Service changes are communicated through campus-support mailing list.

Request Process

All new University IT staff are automatically provided with use of the Windows Build Service and are offered an overview of its use accordingly.

Driver requests should be sent through:  

User Responsibility

Devices used in conjunction with the Remote PC Build service must have been procured in accordance with University rules: