Unix Time Sharing

Service Description

The Unix Time Sharing service provides managed Unix systems accessible to University members for such purposes as running specialist software or remote access.


  • Remotely accessible (via SSH or RDP remote desktop)
  • Linked to a shared Unix home folder


The Unix Time Sharing service is available to all members of the University.

Service Hours

24 x 7 x 365

System maintenance will usually be scheduled for the IT Service's normal maintenance period, which is Tuesdays 06:00-09:00.

Level of Service

The time sharing service provides a relatively small amount of computing resource which is shared between all users. It should not be expected to provide significant HPC resources.

Application packages installed on the service will generally only be updated when requested. Such requests should be made through the IT Service Desk.

Support and Documentation

Documentation is available at: https://services.ncl.ac.uk/itservice/technical-services/unix-time-sharing/

Additional support is available via the IT Service Desk on 0191 208 5999 or https://nuservice.ncl.ac.uk

All incidents relating to both aspects of this service will be handled according to the Incident Management and Major Incident Management processes.

Request Process

Registration is required via the IT support portal, "Unix Timeshare Service" in the service catalogue.

User Responsibility

It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that they follow the IT rules of use: http://www.ncl.ac.uk/itservice/rules.

Users are asked to “self-police” their use of system resources (eg CPU) to provide fair access to all.  Systems staff may reprioritise (or even kill) jobs that contravene this request.