Wireless microphone systems

Information on our provision of wireless microphones can be found below.

Campus Mic provision

The provision of wireless microphones across campus is extremely complex and dependent on multiple factors including:

  • Frequency availability; we are only permitted to use a finite number of purchased frequencies, and must comply with national regulations.  This dictates how many systems and the number of wireless microphones we can deploy across campus
  • Room dimensions; installing microphone systems in poorly designed spaces (especially with low ceilings will result in poor quality audio and cause issues such as feedback

Based on the above we have worked closely with the regulators and system manufacturers, to ensure that we design and provide systems that will work effectively, and that we have maximised provision across campus as best we can.  Due to the compact nature of the campus, we therefore mainly focus on providing wireless microphone systems in larger teaching spaces, where the room design is fit for purpose. 

It is for those reasons above that we are unable to easily increase, or change the provision of microphones beyond what is currently provided.

Charging mics

Please place microphones back in the charger when you are finished using them.

Make sure the microphone is placed in the right way round and inserted fully. You will know when its in correctly when the charging lights come on.  

Enabled venues

Wireless lapel microphones are installed and available to use in our larger supported teaching spaces (see below for further detail).  Please note the following when requesting or using them: -

  1. We are unable to provide any additional microphones to what is listed below
  2. Wireless microphones will not work across multiple venues therefore it is imperative that are not removed from their intended venue

If you find a microphone that isn’t working, or has been removed from a supported teaching space, please either report the fault or contact us as soon as possible, so we can act quickly and reduce impact on subsequent users of our facilities.


One wireless lapel microphone is provided per venue in the majority of spaces listed herehowever the following rooms have two wireless lapel and two wireless hand held microphones available :-

Please ensure that microphones are placed back in the charger unit after use otherwise this may impact on colleagues using the room after you.

Buying your own mics

If you, or your school are thinking of installing a wireless microphone system in your own space then please ensure you speak to us first, as we can provide helpful advice on recommended makes and models and also ensure that whatever you purchase is compliant with OFCOM regulations and will not interfere with any existing systems on campus.

Please firstly read our policy document below and then complete a request form, and a member of the team will be in touch with you to assist.

wireless microphone policy PDF 201Kb

Please read this policy document before purchasing a wireless microphone system