Cameras in NUIT Supported spaces

Operation of NUIT Deployed Cameras in NUIT Managed Audio-Visual Venues

Since 2006 NUIT has deployed low-quality, video-only, network based cameras in its managed teaching, seminar and meeting rooms to assist in the administration of audio-visual facilities in such venues. They are generally located at the rear of each room, offering a fixed single view of the main display device, image and AV lectern.

The purpose of the cameras is:-

    1. To facilitate efficient diagnosis and resolution of audio-visual faults
    2. To assist in meeting the University’s sustainability policy (and extend the lifetime of audio-visual equipment) by permitting remote monitoring of room usage and powering down audio-visual equipment where appropriate
    3. To assist the University’s timetabling team in remotely carrying out space usage audits.

Images from cameras are only viewed in line with the purpose stated above

The cameras do not record images and have no audio capability (i.e. there is no microphone).  They are password protected, deployed on a secure network and available only to a restricted number of staff in NUIT and Student Services.

Notification signs are displayed in all NUIT supported spaces.

For further information please contact the IT Service Desk.

AV-camera-statement PDF 182Kb

This document, endorsed by University Executive Board, was written in support of how the cameras are managed and used.