How to get assistance

If you are having problems with the weblogin gateway you can get help contact the IT Service Desk on (0191) 208 5999 or

Commonly asked Questions

The default homepage does not automatically log me in when I log into my campus computer?

There are several possible reasons for this. The auto-login guide explains how to check if your Internet Explorer settings are correct and what to do if you follow the advised steps but auto-login still doesn't work.

I get the message "Invalid IdP URL (HTTP 404)" after logging in

The most common cause for this problem is that you have browsed to/bookmarked ("added to your favorites") the gateway login page ( in your browser and log in. After doing this, the service doesn't know where to send you to. You should always try to remember the URL of the site you wish to log in to (or bookmark it/add it to your favourites) - not the gateway.ncl login page - and the service will then redirect you to the login page, and back again after logging in.

I have added the Login Page to my favorites and now it just tells me I am logged in?

When you bookmark the login page, the gateway has no record of the service you were trying to access when you arrived. This means that it cannot direct you back to the service once you have been authenticated. You should always ensure you bookmark the service itself, not the login page, this will ensure that your bookmark will continue to work correctly in the future.

How do I log out?

The only way to log out of the web sites that use the login gateway is to close your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) completely. This will log you out of all sites that you may have logged into using this system.

Why is there no logout button?

The login gateway allows you to log in to many different web applications hosted in the university and outside (mainly ejournals). A logout button would log you out of the one site the login button appeared on, it would not log you out of all the other sites you may have logged into during your web browsing session. It is best to close your browser completely to ensure that you have been logged out of all web sites that use the login gateway.