Microsoft Changes to Email Authentication

The way that some devices and software connect to Newcastle University email accounts is changing.

Microsoft are turning off support for an older system of email authentication known as "Basic Authentication" that some apps use to access email and calendars. This change will make Newcastle University accounts more secure by mandating “Modern Authentication” with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). However it may also cause some disruption. NUIT are providing information and contacting affected customers directly before the Microsoft changes take effect during July 2022.

How will this affect me?

If you use the "built-in" apps on your phone or tablet to access your university email or calendar they may stop working.  Examples include: 

  • Samsung Mail on Samsung Android devices
  • Apple Mail and Calendar applications on iPhone/iPad devices 

If you use the desktop Outlook application in Windows you may have problems if you use any of the following:

  • Versions of Outlook in Office 2013 and earlier (Office 2016 and above are not affected)
  • Outlook profiles that use "Exchange Activesync"
  • Additional address books outside of the global address list
  • Additional secondary / shared mailboxes

Certain third-party desktop email applications may also stop working, such as:

  • Apple Mail on MacOS
  • Mozilla Thunderbird

Additionally, devices that send email (for example, photocopiers with a "scan to email" function) may also be affected.

The majority of users using Windows Outlook on University-managed Windows desktop PCs or laptops should not be affected by this change. 

How can I prepare for this change?

Mobile / tablet users:

Windows desktop Outlook users:

Third-party email client users:

Users of other devices that send email (eg, photocopiers with a "scan to email" function):

  • Check whether your device supports "modern" (or "OAuth") authentication.
Help and support

If you find that you are unable to access your email and calendar on your device remember that you will always be able to access your email and calendar online at

NUIT doesn't support "built-in" apps such as Apple Mail, but you may be able to resolve issues yourself by removing and then re-adding your Newcastle University account in the application or device settings. 

To resolve issues with devices that have an email sending function (such as photocopiers with a "scan to email" function) please check with the device manufacturer that the device supports "Modern Authentication"/"OAuth".  Otherwise, please contact the IT Service Desk for further advice.

If you still require assistance resolving issues book an appointment at the IT Service Bar in the Old Library or contact the IT Service Desk.