Outlook desktop app

Configure Outlook 2016 at Home or Laptops
  • Open Outlook
  • Fill in your details using the @newcastle.ac.uk version of your email not @ncl.ac.uk

Add Account Dialogue box

  • Click Next and it will start searching for your account details. This can sometimes take around 5 minutes.

Searching for your mail server settings...

  • You may get this pop-up if so just tick the 'Don’t ask me about this website again' box then click 'Allow'

Allow this website to configure server settings?

  • When the password prompt appears click 'More Choices' 

Configure Outlook

  • Click 'Use a different account'

Configure Outlook

  • Now enter your Microsoft ID which is you normal University login id with @newcastle.ac.uk so for example mine is nawo@newcastle.ac.uk and tick the 'Remember my credentials' box. Click OK

Configure Outlook