When you’re using a University supplied, Windows 10 laptop to work remotely, DirectAccess allows you to log in to campus IT services and access your files. 

DirectAccess starts-up automatically on your University managed laptop and runs in the background while you’re working.  

With DirectAccess you can: 

  • Access University IT Services and software 
  • Access SAP services (scroll down to the bottom of the SAP login pad and select the service you require labelled ‘DirectAccess’) 
  • Access your University files (H:Drive) and shared drives 
Best Practice 
  • You don’t need to download lots of files to your laptop, DirectAccess allows you to access and edit them in their original location 
  • If you do need to download large files or data, please do it out of normal office hours so the service isn't slowed for others.
  • Please only use one DirectAccess enabled device per person. Using multiple devices has an impact on the quality of the service. 
  • For the best experience we recommend you use a wired network connection. 
Other factors 

Please consider the number of people accessing the internet in your household and the potential impact streaming/gaming/other online services may have on your internet connection. This may affect your DirectAccess experience.