Software for Mass Deployment

Please note that obtaining individual licences is covered in the Software Licences section.

Members of staff only may request the installation of new or upgraded software on the Managed Desktop, the clusters or the Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) subject to the following conditions and considerations.

Notification of requirements is not a guarantee of installation as the nature of the request as well as the complexity of the software needs to be determined.

Notice required

For the Managed Desktop
  • We can only commit to assessing the feasibility of software installation within 60 working days of receiving the installation media.
    Any software which isn't suited to be deployed across large numbers of computers will not be considered (effectively any software which cannot be installed silently), therefore we recommend before purchase that you supply us with a copy of the software for testing purposes.
  • Any software which is for single use only will not be considered for mass deployment and a request should be made to have the software installed directly for you. The IT Service will only make available software which will result in a significant number of installations across a number of schools / departments.
  • The requestor must make the software available to the IT service.
For the Clusters / Azure Virtual Desktop
  • All requests must be for academic purposes and used for teaching. Requests for installation for individual users won't be allowed due to limited space available.
  • Only the latest supported version of the software will be made available.

New licences

If any software request will require significant expenditure by the IT Service, then the requirement must be notified by 1 Nov for purchase in the following financial year (beginning 1 Aug). If this is not possible, then it is expected that the requester will finance the first year of the licence. The above timing considerations re installation still apply. There is no guarantee, even with advance notice that the IT Service will agree to the expenditure.

Testing requirements

For all software requests, it is the responsibility of the requester to perform tests to verify that the installation is working correctly.


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