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The IT Service purchases and manages a variety of software licenses in order to secure the best possible deals on behalf of the University.

In all cases, please first enquire with the IT Service Desk about the arrangements for a particular application. They will usually know the circumstances, or can liaise with the appropriate people/organisations when necessary.

Points to Note:

  • These pages will not include deals purchased by your school - check with IT support in your school or unit in the first instance for clarification.
  • Software manufacturers differ in their attitudes to making licenses available to institutions like universities; conditions can be strict. The IT Service is very careful to adhere to license agreements and given the varied structure within the University staff and students are asked to do likewise.
  • When taking advantage of software licensed on your personal device you must comply with all applicable licensing conditions.  This usually means you have to remove copies of software from your personal devices when you leave the University.

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