Username and password

Your username and password give access to most University IT services:

  • Cluster and staff desktop PCs
  • University Office365 email
  • University WiFi and Internet
  • Canvas
  • Newcastle University App
  • Library systems, etc.

Usernames and initial passwords are sent to students via email or letter before they arrive at University, staff passwords are set by the IT Service Desk on account registration.

(Students are also sent a separate S3P password via email before they arrive at the University; this is only for the student Self Service Portal and not for the main University IT facilities.)

Password Problems?

If you receive the following message "The referenced account is currently locked out and may not be logged on to." when logging onto a PC you have entered your password incorrectly 10 times, if this happens please wait 1 minute and try again.

If you're having problems or you've forgotten your password, contact the IT Service Desk on (0191) 208 5999 or visit the staffed IT Service Desks in the Old Library or Philip Robinson Library. 

Changing your Password (Windows)

After logging in successfully on a University PC, simply press Ctrl-Alt-Del together and choose the Change Password option. See advice on Changing your password if you get stuck.

Passwords (Unix)

Unix accounts are linked to your Windows account and use the same password.  Changing your Windows password will also update your Unix password.


Student usernames

Your username is made up of "c", "b", "a" or "n" followed by the middle seven digits of your Student Number. So if your Student Number is 079652243, then your username would be b7965224.

Staff logins

Your username is made up of "n" followed by your initials.

If another customer with the same initials already exists at the University (or has existed in the past), numbers are added to the username, e.g. nrs23.

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