Every member of the University is allocated a unique email address within the domain.

For most users, email is provided on the Microsoft Exchange service, accessed via 'full' Outlook Exchange for staff and Postgraduate research students, and via (Office 365) for Undergraduate and Postgraduate taught students.  Staff and Postgraduate research students can also access their email via

Services are not restricted to the Windows Campus Managed Desktop. For example staff and students can opt to use Unix/Linux computer services.

University Email Policy

You are informed of your email address when you receive your Login details (Staff), or when you register at the University (Students).


  • In almost all circumstances, "" can be used instead of "". (If you sign up for an on-line service which uses your email name for authentication, use "".)
  • We will not change your assigned email name unless (1) you have changed your name or (2) your name has been spelt wrongly when created.
  • If you are John Napier (no middle name), and there is already a "" at the University, your email address will be "".
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