Adobe Software

Software Licence: Adobe Creative Cloud

A suite of software for graphic design, video editing, web development, photography and other creative applications. 

University Owned Machines


A staff subscription is for a named staff member, and can only be used by that person.  They can use their subscription on any suitable machine.

IMPORTANT: the University subscription is based on a multi-year agreement,  ending 23 October 2024.  This means that all staff subscriptions will remain valid to 23 October 2024.

The cost of the subscription (excluding VAT) is £108.66 per year OR PART YEAR of the subscription.  

To request a staff subscription please raise a service request using the following link: Request Adobe Creative Cloud


The University will provide a subscription to students who their school identifies as needing Adobe Creative Cloud for their studies. 

This happens in October, and students eligible for a subscription will receive a confirmation email with details of how to access Adobe Creative Cloud. 

If you do not receive details of how to access Adobe Creative Cloud,and believe you should,  please contact the IT Service to check whether a subscription has been assigned to you.  The IT Service will need to confirm your requirement with your course director before assigning a subscription.

Staff and Students' Personal Machines

Staff with a Named User subscription can use Adobe Creative Cloud on a personal machine.  The software may be installed and used on more than one machine; but can only be used on up to 2 machines concurrently.  If you try to login to Adobe Creative Cloud on a third machine whilst still logged into 2 other machines, you will be prompted to logout of one of the other machines.

Students who are identified by their school as requiring Adobe Creative Cloud applications as an essential part of their studies will be provided with a Named User subscription for student use.  This can be used on any suitable machine, including any university machine where the Adobe software is installed.  Details of subscriptions will be provided to eligible students at the start of the academic year.

Students who are not provided with a subscripton as part of their studies can purchase personal Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions directly from Adobe at discounted prices.  See for more details.