Statistical Analysis

Software Licence: GraphPad Prism

GraphPad Prism, available for both Windows and Mac computers, combines scientific graphing, comprehensive curve fitting (nonlinear regression), understandable statistics, and data organisation.

University Owned Machines

Prism is available on an annual subscription.  The subscription is specific to a particular machine only; it can be used by anyone with access to that machine, but cannot be moved between machines (with limited exceptions - see below section on transferring an existing Prism subscription). 

Key features of the Prism subscription are:

  • Valid for specified machine only
  • Ends on 30 January each year
  • Current cost is £40 + VAT valid to 30/01/2022

You can purchase a Prism subscription at any time during the year; but will be charged the full £40 + VAT cost, regardless of how long remains until the subscription expiry date.  

If you purchase a Prism subscription now, it will expire on 30 January 2022.  You can submit a request using the GraphPad Subscription Request form.  

Staff and Students' Personal Machines


Subscriptions for GraphPad Prism can be purchased for use on personal machines.  Each machine on which Prism is to be used will require a separate subscription.  For example, if you wish to use Prism on a campus-based desktop, and also on a laptop at home, you will need to purchase two subscriptions. 

To request a Prism subscription for a personal machine, please complete the GraphPad Subscription Request form.  


GraphPad Prism Subscriptions for use on students' personal machines can be purchased from the university account so long as the use of a University budget has been authorised by the budget holder.  This information should be entered on the  GraphPad Subscription Request form. 

If a student wishes to buy a personal subscription, which will not be funded by the University, Graphpad offer a reduced price for student subscriptions from their website. See for details.

Important Information

Active subscriptions cannot normally be moved between computers; each computer requires its own subscription

Overseas Campuses - Our agreement does cover installs on our overseas campuses (on a per computer basis)

Transferring an existing Prism subscription

If you have already purchased a Prism subscription for this year, and activated it on a computer that you can no longer access, you can request it to be transferred to a machine you can access whilst off campus.

A subscription can only be transferred once; the Prism licence is not ordinarily transferrable between machines and this is a specific arrangement that GraphPad has put in place to assist during the Covid-19 pandemic.

To request a transfer, please complete the GraphPad Subscription Transfer Form.