Email Format

Your University email address is in the format:

  • Students have initials.lastname[number], eg.
  • Staff follow the format, eg.

In almost all circumstances, can be used instead of If you sign up for an on-line service which uses your email name for authentication, use

Changing Your Display Name

Your Display Name is a friendly name that is attached to your account and Mailbox. It is used as a nickname in email and is how you are first presented in the email address book.

We automatically generate your Display Name from your student/staff record. It is usually your firstname and lastname, unless you have specifically told us that you would like to be known as a different name.

There are instances where you may wish to have this changed.


  • You wish to have your middle name removed
  • You have changed your name
  • You are an international student and would prefer to use an Anglicized first name

To change your display name:

  • Staff with access to MyApps should update their 'Known As First Name/Last Name' and this will update their display name overnight. Any errors with the legal details should be reported to People Solutions. Staff without access to MyApps (eg Guests and Visitors) should contact IT Service Desk on 0191 2085999 or via
  • NUMed students should contact their local administrators to have their student record amended (this may take up to 2 days).
  • INTO Students should contact the INTO office to have their student record amended (this may take up to 2 days).
  • All other students should log into the Student Self Service portal (S3P) at and update the "known as" field in the personal details section. Your display name will be updated overnight.

Please remember, your display name should reflect your actual name and that it can be seen by all other members of the University and anyone that you email.