Our Facilities

Our specialist production facility is located within the basement of the William Leech Building in the Medical School and comprises the components below.  We also have extensive range of portable recording equipment and lighting, enabling us to film on location when required.


Our fully equipped and soundproof recording studio can be configured based on your production requirements, with one or more cameras, bespoke furnishing and sets, and additional technology such as autocues and radio microphones.  We can film against pre-set backgrounds, or against 'green screen’, enabling us to include in a background of your choice during post-production.

‌Using the studio to record has many benefits including:-

    • Filming in a controlled environment, which significantly reduces the chance of noise and other external factors impacting your recording
    • Dynamic editing (e.g. being able to edit whilst filming), as all our studio cameras can be linked to a control room where 'live' mixing can take place.  This can be utilised when broadcasting 'live' or can save time on post-production when pre-recording


Our single person, fully sound-proofed sound recording studio is where we record voice overs.


Our edit suites are equipped with Apple workstations where we use specialist post-production software to create a professional look and feel to your finished production, which can be provided in a range of formats.  We also have access to additional production materials such as copyright free images, graphics and music.