Hosting and Sharing

Once your video production project is complete there are several ways in which you can host and share it.  

YouTube or Vimeo

You, or your school / service, can set up a free account with YouTube or Vimeo.  Once uploaded you can share the link to your content directly or embed in to a web site.

Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream is part of Office365 and can be used in a similar way to YouTube and Vimeo.  It's very useful if you wish to restrict viewing to selected colleagues or groups as it integrates within Microsoft Teams.


You can upload content to NUVision and embed the videos into your web site. You should already have access to this so it would be fairly straightforward.

NUIT Digital Media's Vimeo account

Where we have created the content we would be willing to host it on our Vimeo account however you would not have access to log in to this account to mkae any changes.