Good Housekeeping

Delete what you don’t need

  • Check your Inbox and Sent Items folders and delete any emails you no longer need. 
  • Regularly review and empty your, Deleted Items, Junk Mail and Clutter folders.

Reduce the number of attachments

  • Save attached files to ‘Your Documents’ (H:Drive), your OneDrive or a shared drive and then remove them from the email.
  • Don’t embedded documents in calendar meeting invitations. It's better to send a link to accessible files on a shared drive or send the documents in a separate email and then delete when sent.

Good housekeeping

  • Store emails you need to keep in meaningful subfolders. Microsoft recommend that you have no more than 500 folders in your mailbox and less than 100,000 items per folder.
  • If you are an owner or member of a shared mailbox, apply the same good practices (but check with other members before deleting messages).

See our information on Email Etiquette.