Add a Shared Mailbox (Outlook)

There are a few ways to add a shared mailbox you’ve been given access to, please use the following method.

1. Open Outlook and go to the File menu

This will display Account Information

Account Information

2. Click the Account Settings menu and then select the Account settings drop down option

Account Settings

3. In the Account Settings select the Data Files tab and then choose the option Settings

4. Another new window this time titled Microsoft Exchange will have opened

Select the Advanced tab and then the Add button

Microsoft Exchange

5. You’ll now be prompted to type in the name of the mailbox you wish to access

Add mailbox

Once you’ve typed it in and select OK

Then OK the Microsoft Exchange window and Close the Account Settings window

6. If you have access to the mailbox it will now be showing in the Folder pane which is by default positioned to the left side within Outlook

New Mailbox  



Watch the video: Add a shared Mailbox to Outlook