A Conference Calling Quick Guide (University Telephone System) can be found at the bottom of this page. 

To help differentiate between the various types of "conference calls" which can be made/received, please choose one of the following options:

  • University Telephone System (set up your own conference calls when it suits you)

The university telephone exchange can set up a conference call with upto 7 other internal or external participants. They can be directly dialled from your handset or a conferencing telephone. The major benefits are:

  1. You arrange conference calls as and when you require them
  2. You call the participants you want to conference call with
  3. You only pay the cost of outgoing calls made to each participant (no premuim rates or services charges)
  4. Quick and easy to use

Instructions on how to set up a conference call using any university extension can be found at the bottom of this page. (Telecoms office can arrange for a demonstration of how to setup conference calls if this will help you)

  • External Conference Provider (e.g. BT or powwownow sets up conferences for you, at an inflated price!)

Conference calls can also be set up by BT or any other third party provider you wish to use.

To set up a conference call using BT, call them directly on 0800 778877, and set up your own account. BT will request the following information from you:

  • Your name and contact number
  • The name and contact number of all required participants
  • The date and time the conference is to start

BT will call you and the required participants at the required date and time, and connect all participants to the conference.

Please note: There is no central "University" account which can be used, if you choose to use a 3rd party provider, you will have to arrange your own accounts and payments with them directly. Using an external provider means you will pay MORE for your conference calls.

The external provider may, instead, setup a "pre-arranged conference" where they give you the number you and your conference delegates should dial, along with the date/time of the conference and the PIN code they should dial to join your conference. It's then your responsibility to give your conference delegates this information.

  • Joining a Pre-arranged Conference (you've been given a number and PIN to call at an agreed date/time)

As above, you may be given a telephone number to call and a code to enter, to join a conference at an agreed date/time, set up by the third party company.

PLEASE NOTE: many conference companies will give you an 0844 number to call to join the conference. These numbers are BARRED and can not be dialled directly. Check the System Speed Dial List first to see if the number has already been added to the list by other university colleagues. If you find it is not in the list contact telecoms and ask that the number be added to the system speed dialling list BEFORE your conference is due to start.

As long as you have followed the above exclusion, dial the speed dial code or number provided at the date/time agreed and once connected enter the PIN code (or PASScode) provided to join the Pre-Arranged Conference.

Do I need a Conference Phone?

If you are the only participant at this end:

  • No

If you are not the only participant at this end:

  • Yes, if you and your colleague(s) wish to collaborate during the conference call

A conference phone can be used when there are 2+ persons at this end, within the university.

You should initially contact your school office. Your school may have already purchased a conference phone for use within your school/section. Telecoms office do have a loan set and you can contact us to see if it is available on the date/time you need it. Conference units are analouge devices and require an analogue telephone line in the room in which you plan to conduct the conference. (A DECT conference phone is available to use in buildings in which DECT systems are installed)

Conference calling etiquette

Speaking to multiple people at once, in a conference call, can be quite a challenge! Face to face communications is easy because we pick up on each others vocal and facial ques to know when someone wants to speak, but in a teleconference we can only take vocal ques.  If you plan to conference with multiple people, we reccomend that you either nominate someone or nominate yourself to take control of the call. Agree with all parties how you will conduct the conference at the start of the call. This is definately not wasted time but is invaluable as your conference call will become far more productive.

To set up your own conference call(s) using the Universities Telephone System, follow these instructions:-

To setup a conference call from an Analogue Phone:

  • Dial first participant and when connected advise them to hold whilst you set up a conference
  • Press R (recall) key to obtain the dial tone again, dial second number
  • When answered, again ask them to hold whilst setting up a conference, press R (recall) key again (you will hear dial tone)
  • Then press **42, you will here a beep and you, the first call and the second call are in conference together.
  • To add further participants, press R (recall) to obtain dial tone, dial next number
  • When the next participant answers, ask them to hold and press R (recall) again
  • Dial **42 and you will hear a beep again indicating that you and the (now) three calls are in conference togther.
  • SOME HANDSETS have a TRANSFER key rather than RECALL key
  • External numbers should be prefixed with 9
  • The system allows a mixture of internal and external calls to be joined into a conference, upto a maximum of 8 parties

To setup a conference call from a Digital Phone:

  • Dial first participant and when connected the display will ask "Consultation?"
  • Press TICK key
  • Dial second participant and when answered "release and return?" will be displayed
  • Press RIGHT ARROW key until "conference?" is displayed and then press TICK key
  • Each additional party to the conference can be added one at a time by repeating step 4 above until "add to conference?" is displayed

To setup a conference call from a Siemens Cordless Phone (Paul O'Gorman, Devonshire, Wolfson Building, Claremont Tower (Basement), Culture Lab, Music Building, Baddily-Clark Building, Kings Gate and Business School Barrack Road users):

  • Dial the first participant and when connected ask them to hold while you set-up a conference call, using the UP and DOWN arrow buttons, Scroll down to "Start Conf." and hit OK
  • Screen will display "Please Dial", then dial the second number
  • When the second number answers, advise them that you are setting up a conference call and ask them to hold the line.
  • Scroll down the list till "Conference" is displayed and hit OK
  • All 3 numbers (Yourself, number 1 and number 2 are connected in the conference)
  • To add further parties: Scroll down the menu again to "Expand Conf." and hit OK
  • Dial the next party and ask them to hold once answered.
  • Scroll down the menu to "Conference" and hit ok to bring all parties together.
  • Repeat this step to add further members of the conference (up to 8 inc. yourself)

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A quick guide to conference calling using the university telephone exchange