Call Forwarding

The call forwarding function allows you to divert your incoming calls to another extension.

You are able to send your external callers to one extension, and your internal callers to another.

The available types are "Variable", "Internal/External" and "Busy or No Answer"

Variable call forward - diverts all calls, without ringing the telephone, to the destination you choose. It can be programmed and changed at any time by following the instructions below.

Internal/External call forward - diverts all calls, without ringing the telephone. Allows you to send your external callers to a different extension to that of your internal callers.

Call forwarding on Busy or No Reply - diverts incoming calls to the extension number you program if your phone is in use, or if there is no reply after 6 rings. (default number of rings)

For instructions on call forwarding your phone please refer to the section that relates to your type of handset below:

Interquartz Enterprise Basic Black


Openstage Digital Phone‎ OR Optipoint Digital Handset

It is possible to mix and match:

E.g. Set call forward no reply for external callers to a reception area or collegue, and send no reply internal calls to voicemail for retreival at a later time.

To mix and match your call forwarding needs, contact the telecoms office. Some of these mix and match settings can only be programmed by the telecoms team.