System Speed Dial List

You cannot directly dial an 0843/0844/0871 number because under normal circumsances, direct dialling of these numbers is barred.

0844/0871 numbers can be charged as "Premium Rate" (upto £1.50 per min)

The Speed Dial List is used to overcome 0844/0871 barring.

Open the speed dial list appropriate for your location. Search for the number you are trying to call (e.g. 08448118111). Over 500 numbers for regularly used suppliers/external contacts are already available.

If the number you are looking for has already been added, you will find the associated "Index Number". Dial *61 then the 3 digit "index Number" and your call will be connected as if you had directly dialled the number.

If the number you need is not on the list, submit a request to add the number to the speed dialling list via (Please note: numbers will only be added if they relate to university business)

If you feel that your telephone needs access to these numbers without the need for using the speed dial list, ask your "bill payer" to email authorisation to change your class of service ( to where the Telecoms office will action your request.

If you have any questions related to the speed dial list, can you contact telecoms on x8000. 

ICFL Speed Dial List MSExcel 19Kb

ICFL Speed Dial List

Main Campus Speed Dial List MSExcel 136Kb

Main Campus Speed Dial List