Service Level Agreement

CategoryPerformance TargetTarget Rate %
Faults Attend next working day if reported before noon 80
Moves & new installations Complete within 10 working days 80
Software Changes Complete within 5 working days 75

Our Obligations to You

We will endeavour to meet the target responses given which are those for which we are budgeted.

If your request is not going to be responded to within the time given above, we will notify you by email or telephone of the expected response date.

If our response is dependent on the delivery of equipment or materials, we will keep you informed as to progress.

If the work is rechargeable we will give you an estimate for your approval.

If you have a query or complaint about the telephone service you should first call extension 8000. The Telecoms Office will try to resolve the problem. If they are unable to resolve the problem then you will be notified who you can contact to progress the matter.

Your Obligations to Us

You should check that your handset is fault free before reporting line faults. If necessary the telecoms office will explain how this can be done. Please refer to Faults for further details.

You should allow access at any reasonable time to carry out the work.

If the work is rechargeable you should provide us with an internal purchase requisition also including your Service Identification Code. This will be required prior to work commencing.