Classes of Service

When a new phone/Extension number is provided, the requestee (who should be the budget holder or person with such responsibility) will be asked to authorise a "Class of service" for that extension.

Persons using an existing Extension number whom require a Class of Service change will be reffered the their "bill payer"/HoS/Department secretary or the person appointed to deal with such matters.

Standard Classes of service are:

1) Internal Calls Only

2) Local Calls & Internal Calls Only

3) UK National Calls (01,02,03), Local Calls & Internal Calls Only

4) Mobile Calls, UK National Calls (01,02,03), Local Calls & Internal Calls Only

6) International Calls, UK National Calls (01,02,03), Local Calls & Internal Calls Only

7) International Calls, Mobile Calls, UK National Calls (01,02,03), Local Calls & Internal Calls Only.

Additional COS:

14) As 4 Plus 0843/0844/0871 Calls
17) As 7 Plus 0843/0844/0871 Calls

The Class of Service of an extension may be changed. Please ask the bill payer or person responsible for such matters to contact the IT Service Desk (call 0191 208 5999 or via authorising the increase in service level.

NOTE: This request must be authorised by the Head of Department, Departmental Secretary or the appointed person in your school or section responsible for such needs.