Voicemail is available to all Newcastle University staff, from any extension, in any building.

Normally, one telephone is used by one member of staff, and "Single User" Voicemail request forms (below) can be submitted to us to enable the service, however there are also lots of extensions which are shared or used by numerous people (e.g. a reception number, or a shared line in an office), "Multi-User" Voicemail box requests can be submitted in these circumstances.

We must receive a signed request form to confirm your acceptance of the terms and conditions of service.

How to Apply for a Voice Mailbox (Request forms below)

Applications for Voice Mail can be made by submitting a Voice Mail Request form (Single or Multi-User).

  • Scanned forms can be emailed to us via it.servicedesk@ncl.ac.uk
  • Post to the Telecommunications Office, Level 3, Elizabeth Barraclough Building, 91 Sandyford Road, NE1 8HW

1. NewcastleVoicemailpolicy Single User-V5.doc MSWord 41Kb

Voicemail Single user request form

(Please ensure your UTILS/People Search entry is correct before submitting the form)

2. NewcastleVoicemailpolicy Multiple user-V5.doc MSWord 43Kb

Multiple User Voicemail request form (for shared extension numbers or reception phones)

(Please ensure all applicants are listed correctly within UTILS/People Search before submitting the form)

What happens next?

When your voicemail box has been created, we will email you instructions on its usage and how to access your voice messages.

Recommendations on Voicemail use

  1. Always provide a clear and concise personal message.
  2. Check voicemail at least once a day and respond promptly to messages.
  3. Change your message to correspond with availability e.g. length of absence, alternative number etc.

First Time Access and Use of the Set-up Wizard

Dial 5555 or 0191 208 5555.

Dial in your mail box number (i.e. your extension number e.g. 8xxxx or 1xxxx)

Dial your PIN number, the default is your extension number.

The first time you access the voicemail system you will be directed through to the set-up wizard as follows

Welcome to the Speakeasy mailbox set-up wizard.

As a new user you will need to configure various aspects of your mailbox prior to using it.

Step 1 - Changing your PIN number

Your PIN number is used to provide security for your messages. You should set it to something different from your extension or mailbox number. Please dial your new PIN number. This must contain at least 4 digits.

Your PIN number has been changed to ****

Step 2 - Recording your Regular Greeting

Your regular greeting will be heard by external callers leaving a message for you and should include your name and an indication of whether you are currently in the office

Please record your regular greeting after the following tone and dial any digit when complete.

Thank you, your regular greeting has been recorded and sounds like this......

If you are happy with your regular greeting, dial 1. To re-record it, dial 2.

(Note: If 2 is pressed at this point, that is, not happy with the regular greeting, then 'Please record your regular greeting after the following tone and dial any digit when complete' will be repeated.)

If you are happy with your regular greeting and press 1 then the wizard will move on as follows:

Your mailbox has now been set-up ready for use.

Accessing Your Messages

When someone leaves you a voicemail message, you will be notified via email and by a spoken message when you next pick up the phone (in place of the dial tone - you can still dial while the message is playing). In addition a LED will be displayed on Digital handsets and a mail symbol will be displayed on DECT Handsets.

If you are not using the system for the first time you will need to:

Dial 5555 or 0191 208 5555

Dial your mailbox number (i.e. your extension number)

Dial in your PIN number

All new messages will automatically be played to you in date order from oldest to latest.


The system will ask you whether you wish to retrieve old or new messages (it will not operate if you have no messages). The selected messages will be replayed in chronological order.

During the replay of a message you may:

Press 1 - to rewind the current message by 3 seconds

Press 3 - to forward the current message by 3 seconds

Press 4 - to return the current message to the start

Press 5 - to pause the message (press any digit to continue)

Press 6 - to fast forward to the end of the current message

After each message you may:

Press 1 - to repeat the message

Press 2 - to erase the message

Press 3 - to respond. You may then press 1 to forward the message with comments or press 2 to reply to sender

Press 4 - to retain the message.

After all messages of the selected type have been played you will be returned to the Main Menu.


The system offers two options:

Press 1 - to record a temporary greeting to any caller (you will be given the option to enter an expiry date)

This could be used when you are away from the office on annual leave and the message could give alternative contact details. An expiry date/time can be set for this message after which your regular caller greeting would take preference.

"Hello. You have reached the voicemail service of [name]. I am not available until [date]. If your call cannot wait until then please phone [number].

Press 2 - to record an alternative greeting

Messages should be short and helpful to the caller. One form might be "Hello. You have reached the voicemail service of [name]. I'm sorry I am not here to take your call but if you leave a message I'll get back to you as soon as possible".


Initially the PIN Number to access your mailbox is the same as your extension number. For security reasons it must be changed as soon as possible to a confidential number of your choice. To change the number go to option 4 from the Main Menu then:

Press 1 - your current PIN number will be played after which you will be prompted to enter a new one.


The Star (*) key can be used to cancel the current operation and return to the Main Menu at any time.

Voicemail Questions or Problems

There follows a list of frequently asked questions about voicemail, but if you have any questions not covered below, or wish to report problems, please email it.servicedesk@ncl.ac.uk.

What is my mailbox number?
This is normally your Extension Number, unless you share an extension, in which case you will have been allocated a 'phantom' mailbox number.

How can I access my messages internally?
Dial 5555

How can I access my messages externally?
Dial 0191 208 5555

Do I have to wait until I hear the option that I require to access it?
No, you may dial the option that you require as soon as the prompts start playing. You may also use Star to speed up the login process, after entering your mailbox number press * and the system will move to asking you for your PIN number. Enter your PIN number and press * again and you will placed immediately in to your mailbox.

How can I leave a message for a colleague without ringing their phone?
From the mailbox main menu, choose option 1 to send a message and then enter your colleague's extension number. You will then hear their greeting and will be able to record a message for them. It is important to press a digit when you have finished recording and then press 1 to send the message.

I have dialled in to my mailbox but don't get the option to press 2 to retrieve my messages, why not?
You will only be given option 2 to retrieve your messages if you have either new or old messages in your mailbox.

Do I have to listen to an entire message before moving to the next message?
No, while listening to a message you can press 6 which will skip you to the end of the message you are listening to. You will then be given the options as to whether you would like to replay, erase, respond to or retain the message.

How do I forward a message to a colleague?
After listening to the message, choose option 3 to respond. You will then be asked to enter the required mailbox or group number. Dial the mailbox number of the colleague that you wish to forward the message to. You will then be able to record some comments that will be attached to the beginning of the message. Once these comments are recorded it is important to press 1 to send the message. You are then given the option to save or delete the original message.

How long are messages stored in my Mailbox for?
New messages are stored infinitely. Saved or retained messages are stored for 30 days.

How do I change my regular voicemail greeting?
Once you have accessed your mailbox, press 3 for greeting options and follow the instructions.

Can I have more than one greeting recorded for my mailbox?
Yes, you can have an alternative greeting recorded which can also have an expiry date attached to it.

How do I change my PIN Number?
Once you have accessed your mailbox, press 4 for Mailbox Options and then select option 1 for your PIN Number.

How many digits should my PIN Number be?
This should be a minimum of 4 digits long.

How can I transfer a caller to a colleague's voicemail if their phone is not diverted to voicemail?
Press Recall and dial 5555. When the system answers dial #* and then your colleague's extension number. You will then be told "Please connect the caller now". Hang up and the caller will be connected to your colleague's voicemail.

Voicemail user guide PDF 62Kb

Voicemail user guide