If your phone has gone dead, in the first instance plug in another handset if available, wait 15-20 seconds. If you still have a dead line then report it as a fault to the IT Service Desk on extension 85999 or via https://nuservice.ncl.ac.uk

Please provide the following information:

  • The extension number of the line you are reporting
  • You should give a clear and concise description of the nature of the fault
  • Your name or the name of another person we can liaise with in your absence
  • If possible, an alternative number to contact you on, or an email address
  • The full location details of where the line is located, i.e. Room number, Floor, Building etc (it may not be necessary for an engineer to visit the room, if possible the fault will be dealt with remotely)
  • Hours of access to the room
  • If the line is connected via a (CAT5) computer outlet, please advise the outlet number and (PR) Patch Room number (these details can be found printed on the top of the outlet)
CategoryPerformance TargetTarget Rate %
Faults Attend next working day if reported before noon 80
Moves & new installations Complete within 10 working days 80
Software Changes Complete within 5 working days 75