Recovery of costs

Funding Model for the University Telecoms Service

The IT Service receives no direct allocation (either RAM or via cost-drivers) for the University Telecoms Service. FMBSG mandates that all costs incurred by the Telecoms Service are recovered from its customers.

Costs include: 

  • The professional staff required to operate the University Telecoms Service;
  • Salary contribution for the University Switchboard Service;
  • Maintenance and development of the University PABX (telephone exchange);
  • Call/rental charges incurred by customers.

 The cost recovery methods are: 

  • A rental charge for each extension line (presently £55 per annum);
  • A mark-up on the cost of all calls placed via the University PABX;
  • Time and materials cost-recovery for capital works and other projects (e.g. installation of new exchange lines; moves and changes).