RETURN TO WORK - Telephony Questions

Telephony Related Enquiries and Questions raised form our return to work

Return to work - Telephony Related Enquiries and Questions.  Please note we will be adding furthe information to this page, please check back for updates.


DECT/Cordless Phones

  • My DECT handset has no display when I try to use it?
    • Ensure handset is firmly in charge cradle
    • Check the cradle is connected to a power outlet and switched on - charge handset for 4 hours before use
    • If this does not work, raise an NUIT Self-Service ticket to Desktop Support who will supply new rechargeable batteries for the handset - do not attempt to replace batteries yourself, as this may cause a fire risk
    • If Replacement batteries do not resolve the issue, a new handset will be required.  In these cases a replacement handset will be issued, and Desktop Support should hand your call back to telecoms to arrange this.


  • The Envelope Symbol is flashing on my handset, How do I stop it?

    • A short instructional Video will be available on the telecoms web pages showing how to remove a “call back”/stop the light flashing.



  • My Voice Mailbox is full and I cannot retrieve messages?
    • Voicemail boxes belong to the person who signed the voicemail request form and should only be accessed by the signatory, or their line manager with appropriate authority.
    • Dial into the voicemail server 0191 2085555 external or 85555 internal. Enter your mailbox number (typically your extension number or the group number if known).
    • Enter your PIN, the PIN you set up when you originally requested the service. Forgotten your PIN?  - raise a Self-Service Service Desk ticket to NUIT Telecoms to unlock your mailbox.
  • I cannot remember my voicemail PIN?
    • Raise a Self-Service Service Desk Ticket to NUIT Telecoms to arrange to be sent a new PIN.


  • The voice mailbox is no longer required, how can I arrange to remove it?

    • Raise a Self-Service Service Desk Ticket to NUIT Telecoms. Please check with your own line management before requesting to remove a voicemail box from an extension number.


  • The person who used this extension number/voice mailbox has left the University, can we still access the messages in that mailbox?

    • Voice Mailboxes belong to the person who requested the service and under normal circumstances, only the owner can access them.  In these situations, please approach a line manager/person with appropriate authority to request access to the mailbox.

  •  How can I clear the message waiting notification on my DECT Cordless Handset?
    • At the point you are asked to enter your PIN, you will hear your new messages. When you hang up the message waiting light will extinguish.  


Call Forwarding or other programming

  • Call Forwarding needs to be removed now I'm back in the office?
    • In the first instance, please dial #4 from the handset which is being forwarded. (This will remove any call forwarding that was set by the extension)

    • Some call forwarding options can only be added/removed by NUIT Telecoms - Raise a Self-Service Service Desk ticket to NUIT Telecoms who will remove the forwarding function once you are back in the office full-time.
    • If you will be following a 'Blended Working' pattern, we suggest you approach your department to purchase a mobile telephone via NUIT Telecoms or switch to communication via Microsoft Teams where possible