Terms and Conditions

University policy governing the use of University provided mobile telephones

You should be aware of the policy governing the use of mobile telephones.

The policy is contained within the Expenses Regulations and can be found here: http://www.ncl.ac.uk/internal/finance/documents/expenses_manual.pdf

You must sign and return the Memo below, which you will be provided with when collecting your handset (or shortly after and periodically).

Policy on the Personal Usage of University Provided Mobile Devices

Guiding Principle:
• University provided mobile devices are supplied to University staff for business use only.

• University staff are permitted modest personal usage of University provided mobile devices when such usage is directly related to their duties (E.g. Informing a family member that you will arrive late from work; making a short phone call to a family member whilst working away on University business).
• The additional cost of all other personal usage of University provided mobile devices must be reimbursed to the University.

Mobile Phone Regulations PDF 36Kb

Mobile Phone Regulations