New Phone Numbers

New Connections

The university will provide a mobile handset to those who are identified as in need one for their work. This is determined by your Head of Service and their authorisation is required, on the internal purchase requisition you must submit, to arrange any order.

If you require a new mobile phone handset, and currently do not have an existing sim card/number, please download a Template IPR, add the cost centre you wish to use for the purchchase of any hardware and any ongoing costs.

NUIT Telecoms have been asked to standardise one on type of handset to enable mobile working.

We can offer Samsung Galaxy Devices running the latest Android versions to support mobile working. and ensure we adhere to modern security standards.


Note: Handset choices change regularly as newer models are released, and older models go end of life. PLEASE ENSURE you have checked out the device specifications before you place an order [e.g. A23 does not include NFC]. Modern Handsets do not have a charger included in the box.

Galaxy A14 £176.00 ex-vat

Galaxy A23 £230.00 ex-vat 

Galaxy A33 £260.00 or A34 £299.00 ex-vat


Any questions, please contact NUIT Service desk and they can log a ticket to NUIT Telephony team to offer you assistance.

New Connection Template IPR MSWord 59Kb

Template IPR for New Handset and Number